A one place interface with the latest technology for all your mass communications.

Different channels working together, creating  a unique experience
in your corporate communications

SMS - Short Message Service


A very effective tool for corporate communication!

Intelligent and dinamic routing

Short codes, long codes,  available in more than 150 countries

Two-way communication

Real-time analytics

Personalize SMS messages

Secure delivery

Global Coverage.

Promotions, Loyalty, Order status, Portfolio management, Calls, Meetings, Commercial Strategy, Tips, Sales force, News, Reservations, Strengthening of the climate and culture, Promotion of institutional programs, General services information (transportation, casino), Payroll, Order Status



Just like all of our messaging products, our email service provides exceptional deliverability and reliability, no matter how large your email campaign is.

Use a feature rich drag-and-drop editor to easily create new campaigns, or upload of your HTML template

Pre-built, dynamic, and interactive elements

Template gallery for popular use cases

Interactive carousel to showcase products

Add attachments

Personalize subject and body

Delivery rate, open rate, clicks, Unsubscribes, bounces



Through our portal, you can make massive calls to landline or cell phone numbers anywhere in the world, playing pre-recorded audio with the information you want to convey to your audience.

Send audio files directly to end users on mobile or landline


Pre-recorded audio files


Text-to-speech features - Over 100 languages


Text-to-speech option lets you personalize your messages


IVR - Interactive voice response automates your call process,providing a two – way communication channel that allows you to interact with your costumers during a call trough telephone keypads.


CDR with call duration.

Send your messages through our web interface with no-coding required, or vía  API for quick and easy integrations with existing business workflows


People Module. Collect and unify data in one place to create customer profiles that make it easy to personalize every interaction.


Analize Module. A  single intuitive web interface designed to help you understand your channel and communication effectiveness. You can choose from a range of options that suit your needs: dashboard view, summary metrics, customized reports or logs view


Automated flows. Create a unified direct and instant communication experience for your customers with fabulous automated flows, combining all the channels available on our platform.