Inbound: Chatbots & Multiagentes.

 Outbound: Whatsapp Notifications


Design your own chatbot on a friendly and predictable graphical tool that will allow you to automate your processes, integrate information from your databases and make unlimited adjustments.

24/7 Service

Metrics and data access

Reduces costs for your companies and allows direct communication with your users

Muti-user attention with the ability to answer up to 180 questions per minute

API Integration. Integrate the bot with your databases for data validation and/or confirmation

Build any chatbot type in minutes through flows with multi-agent transfer

Deliver information and capture data from your users

Design autonomy and unlimited process automation

Design autonomy and unlimited process automation

Build any type of chatbot in minutes through flows with multi-agent transfer option.


Handle conversations on a single line, with one or multiple agents at the same time regardless of their location and with advanced features.

Even distribution of conversations between connected agents.

Omnichannel: WhatsApp – Facebook MSN – Instagram -Telegram - WebChat.

Unlimited questions  Satisfaction survey bot .

Per-Item Permission Assignment and Constraints.

24/7 service.

Agent schedule control.

Automatic responses (after hours – welcome).

Agent interface with multiple advanced features such as conversation transfer.

Supervisor interface with online monitoring for conversations and access to all reports.


Few steps for reaching thousands of people through the most used messaging application in the world.

Deliveries  through API integration or on our platform with database upload in Excel format.


Content: Text, image, video, pdf. Each content is equivalent to an event, they are charged independently and must be approved by WhatsApp (Templates).


Reports: Date and time of sending, receiving, reading.


Two-way. After sending the notification, the recipient will be able to establish a conversation with a bot. This conversation flow can be defined through our chatbot Designer tool



 Includes post-purchase notifications, bank statements, frequent invoices, as well as purchase confirmation, delivery status of an order, and appointment scheduling.



Sends unique access codes used at login or also known as second factor authentication.



Offers, promotions, informational updates and calls to action. If a screen is not helpful or authenticating, it is considered marketing.